Multiple Accounts: Fun & Work Together

Multiple Accounts: Fun & Work Together

WhatsApp is the biggest social, communication, and messaging platform. It boasts a mammoth amount of over 7 billion monthly visits with around 2 billion active users. People use this platform for different purposes due to its flexible range of features. It offers services for fun, communication, business, and managing communication for all sorts of users. However managing work, fun, family, and other social circles in a single app becomes complex for users. Hence, they try multiple accounts to manage different things on WhatsApp. However, managing multiple accounts is not too easy as you need multiple devices for it. But now it is very easy with the GB WhatsApp dual account feature. In this article, we gonna explore the dual account feature of the GB version. 

GBWhatsApp Dual Account

GBWhatsApp is the only WhatsApp app that gives a dual account and keeps both accounts alive. You will receive messages, calls, and notifications from both accounts at a time to manage work & fun together. Let’s dig into the features that come with this dual account function.


You will receive notifications from both your account for upcoming messages & updates. Notifications for WhatsApp groups on both accounts are also alive. 

Easy Switching

You can switch between your accounts with on tap. This easy switching helps you to switch between work & fun easily. 

How to Create Dual Account on WhatsApp

Here are a few easy steps that will help you to create a dual account in a single app. 

  • You need a GB version of WhatsApp to use a dual account. Get the latest version of the GB app from the homepage of our awesome website. 
  • After installing the GB version app, launch it and provide your number to log in to your first account. 
  • Once, you have logged in to your primary account, just go to the settings menu. 
  • Tap on the account profile icon to open a pop-up.
  • This pop-up will show your primary account and a “+” button. 
  • Tap on this “+” button and it will open a window to add a new account. 
  • In this window, you have to provide your mobile number. 
  • You must provide a second number because it is not possible to create two accounts on a single mobile number. 
  • After providing the number, verify it via message or call and complete login on your second account. 
  • Now you can switch to your primary account or secondary from here. 
  • You can also apply DND mode to either account to take a break from work or have fun. 

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